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Wyler's Light

Wyler's Light Canister Drink Mix - Kiwi Strawberry Water Powder Enhancer Canister (6 Canisters that make 12 Quarts Each)

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  • MAKES 72 QUARTS: Each case contains 6 canisters of Wyler’s Light drink mix, each canister makes 12 quarts of Wyler’s Light water enhancer - giving you a total of 72 refreshing quarts of Wyler's Light.
  • A HEALTHIER CHOICE: Wyler’s Light 12 Quart Canisters are sugar free and have only 5 calories per serving, 85% fewer than leading beverages.
  • EXCELLENT SOURCE OF VITAMIN C: Get a dose of your daily nutrients while enjoying a fantastic fruit flavor.
  • QUICK AND CONVENIENT: Just add water and mix! Easy to put together for yourself or for large parties & gatherings.
  • GREAT TASTE: Wyler’s Light powdered drinks are a fun way to bring a burst of refreshment and take your water to the next level!


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