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David’s Cookies

David’s Cookies Valentines Day Assorted Cookies Bucket

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  • Valentines Day Worthy Treats: Experience the true magic of the Holiday season with David’s Cookies Happy Holidays Assorted Cookies Bucket, providing a combination of our customer-favorite chocolate chip cookies and pecan meltaways that will delight your senses!
  • We Do It Our Way: Our cookie baskets are handmade from finest quality, fresh ingredients which include real butter, premium flour, eggs, cocoa, chocolate, with no preservatives, colorants or additives for a home-like healthy experience!
  • Unique Valentines Day Wrapping: David’s Cookie Bucket arrives in a superb tin bucket with Valentines Day themed designs, perfect for repurposing after your cookies run out! Store candies, sweets, candy bars, use it for creating a gorgeous DIY holiday decoration or even as a dinner table centerpiece!
  • They Taste Like Heaven: These classic chocolate chip cookies and pecan meltaways enjoy delicious, intense flavors and prolonged freshness, with an irresistible thin and crisp texture and buttery homemade taste meant to satisfy the cravings of adults and children alike!
  • You Can’t Go Wrong: Order the Valentines Day cookie bucket for yourself or as a special treat for your friends, family, coworkers or business partners, and you can be sure to win their appreciation! No one can say no to this sweet combination!


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