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Brooklyn Beans

Brooklyn Beans Bagged Ground Coffee Variety Pack Light, Medium, Dark Roast and Flavored, Assorted Gift Sampler, 12 Oz(Pack of 6), 72 Oz

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  • Enjoy all 6 premium ground coffee from Brooklyn Beans Roastery - Highest quality 100 percent Arabica beans.
  • In Brooklyn, we love family, culture, a good deal, a faster pace, and we love a really good cup of coffee. Brooklyn’s style is unique and diverse and we have adopted that style in our approach to coffee making.
  • Carefully selected and expertly roasted beans provide a bold taste and great aroma. To start enjoying freshly brewed coffee, buy Brooklyn Beans coffees today.
  • Brooklyn Bean coffee beans are roasted locally in small batches, to ensure high quality coffee and freshness you can taste. We chose small batch roasting over industrial roasting because it allows us to monitor and craft each batch to meet a higher standard of quality that is usually found in our coffee.
  • 12 Ounce, Pack of 6 – Crafted with Pride in the USA.


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