Sexy Grocery Shopping is Quick and Easy with an Internet Grocery Shopping List

Sexy Grocery Shopping is Quick and Easy with an Internet Grocery Shopping List

Want more time for the fun things in life? Use an Internet grocery list to streamline your grocery shopping, saving dollars and hours every week.

Sisyphus was doomed to roll a boulder up a hill endlessly, and we are fated to always have to shop for groceries. But don't despair, with the web there's no excuse to not use a great printable grocery shopping list to streamline your daily and weekly grocery shopping.

Here are a few key tips to streamline your grocery shopping. The key is to do fewer trips to the store by using lists to get everything you need. If you're really good at this, you might be able to do just one trip a week.

Start off with a great grocery list. You can Google on 'grocery list', 'printable grocery list', 'grocery lists', or 'grocery list template', or see the end of this article for a link to my favorite free printable grocery list. Find a printable grocery checklist you like and print it out.

Print and post the list. This is the most important step – keep the list handy all week long where you can check mark items (or write them down) as you realize you need them.

Review the list just before shopping. Go through your fridge and pantry and scan the list – what are you low on and need to buy now?

Group your shopping trips together. By doing just one or two trips a week and using a complete list, you'll minimize the number of times you need to dash out to get just one or two items at the last minute. You'll also ensure that you can do most of your shopping at your favorite low cost center, even if it's not close by. You might consider picking a day of the week (Saturday? Monday?) to do the shopping, and doing your meal planning the night before, making sure your list has the items you need for the next 4-7 days of meals.

Improve the list. Stash a few of the used printout grocery lists in a corner. After you have a few weeks of experience, why not make your own customized grocery list? Just grab the last few weeks of lists and go to the website where you got your first grocery checklist and copy the list, then delete the irrelevant items and add your own personal items that the list was missing.

That's all there is – go find your packing list now, print it out and enjoy the great outdoors!

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